Saturday, December 29, 2007

What happened last week

Everybody wants to know about my eye, or about my fall. Well, I was walking out of the dining room and an old lady, naturally, backed her wheelchair up and I caught my toe on it. Next thing I knew, I was full length on my left side on the floor and bounced my head off the rug. I was dazed for a while. When I tried to get up, they wouldn't let me move and the next thing I knew, there were half a dozen people around me. They were mopping my head with Kleenexes that turned red very fast with my life's blood. They put me in a wheelchair and took me into the sofa lounge. I stopped bleeding quite soon and they didn't need to put a bandage on me. The hinge on my glasses had cut into my forehead right next to my eye. My head didn't hurt much, but my left hip and knee were really sore for about a week. I'm healing fast as usual and I don't think I'll get any scar. This is what I look like today.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday, January 28th

I'm slowly beginning to sort of become acquainted with some of the nice ladies, but I keep forgetting their names. And I called Doreen, Phyllis, which she understood. She is LDS. Manda and Blake had lunch in our dining room and all the old ladies and most of the old men stopped to tease him. It was really funny. He wore his cowboy boots and hat. Cute!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Intro to blogging

Well, I've moved to a new home. It's full of old people, including me. I'm the liveliest person there. The staff is at the door every few hours to tell me something special that's going on. I went to a western concert given by three old cowboys. They were fun to listen to for the first half hour, and the bench I sat on kept getting harder and harder, but it was fun. They even sang a few songs I recognized. Today my cable was hooked up and I get all the movie channels, so I can never complain that I am getting bored.

They have a very good menu here, but there's too much of it. I feel ungrateful for leaving most of it on my plate. I've met a lot of nice people, and we exchange names, but I forget them as soon as I walk away. A nurse comes in every day for the first three days and takes my temperature, etc, etc, etc. The first one left her thermometer there. At first I forgot what it was until the second nurse came in and put another thermometer in my mouth.

I've been working on unpacking, but the more I unpack, the more boxes appear, and my rooms are filled with used packing paper. I really like it here. Mandy is taking wonderful care of me, and I see a lot of her and Blake. I guess that's all for now. Bye and love to all of you.